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Blog: The world is open

We live in open world. We share, we like, we twit, we post, all this construct our personality, and it is becoming very difficult to restrain yourself from showing more personal information. Recent buzz about well-know social networks privacy policies and settings, together with constant flow of leaking personal private pictures (sometimes intentionally, of course) and serious discussions about personal privacy in media leads us to a complicated problem: how to be social in controllable manner?
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Certificate Installation Instructions for Windows

We have created a simple and important instruction about importing X.509 certificates to your own PC. This is one of the essential operations when you are preparing to use functionalities of PKI software.

The instructions contains explanations of how to import your own personal X.509 certificate from a .PFX file. PFX file is secure storage for private and public keys of your certificate. It is very important not to reveal to anybody your PFX file or password.
The other part of the instruction deals with importing your friends or colleague's certificates from a .CER file. CER file is usually send to you when you want to exchange secure information with this person. Importing his/her certificate means that you trust this person and data specified in certificate corresponds to actual person.

After importing your personal certificate and certificates of your friends you can start secure email exchange, encrypt and sign JPEG images, text using TransCrypt Image.

Full TransCrypt Image User Guide available

We have finalized and translated full user guide for TransCrypt Image. It is now available in English and Russian languages.
Here are the links:

TransCrypt Image is a software that allows you to encrypt/decrypt, sign and verify signature of JPEG images using X509 certificates. Among its features there are also text encryption and text signature capabilities.

New demo videos from our cloud PKI solution - Virtual RA

We have published new videos demonstrating features of our cloud PKI solution for registration authority. Videos include demo of user management and request management. You can try yourself by accessing our demo (Login: demouser, password: demopassw) and playing around different features including user management, requests management, certificates management, monitoring and etc. Take a look at our Youtube playlist to see yourself.

First SaaS PKI solution - Virtual RA

Welcome to the world of cloud. With our new SaaS PKI solution you can now forget about expensive and long process of rolling out PKI registration authorities. All needed functions like request management, certificate management, user management are just a few clicks away. Try out a demo first (login:demouser, password:demopassw).

Videos of TransCrypt Image

We have also added new videos which demonstrate key functionalities of TransCrypt Image, which allow you to encrypt images, texts and safely transfer them through internet. Navigate to our Products usage tips section to see yourself or you can also see it in our channel in Youtube.

Introducing TransCrypt Image

We have finished a new revolutionary product which is TransCrypt Image. This new software will help you protect your private information across internet, by using X.509 certificates to encrypt JPEG images, and text, and allowing you to transfer safely files through Internet media (social networks, emails). The key functionality is that TransCrypt Image does not create a special file or container, your image is still there, but only people that you specify can actually see it.
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Blog: Why Digital Certificates?

What is a "certificate" in our daily life? What does it represent? What do look for when asking for certificates in our daily life? And what is the difference between real-life certificates and a digital one?
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Blog: The future is PKI

How encryption, digital signature and our fight to save forests are connected? Why is it important to understand PKI? How can we change all our paperwork? How can we put our share in saving forests on our planet by just using PKI?
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Blog: Cryptography for all

Is it true that cryptography is only for secret service agents? How does encryption influence our daily life? Do we need to start learning cryptographic algorithms?
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