The world is open

We live in open world. We share, we like, we twit, we post, all this construct our personality, and it is becoming very difficult to restrain yourself from showing more personal information. Recent buzz about well-know social networks privacy policies and settings, together with constant flow of leaking personal private pictures (sometimes intentionally, of course) and serious discussions about personal privacy in media leads us to a complicated problem: how to be social in controllable manner?

It is true now that our world is more technological than ever - we see brilliant systems and products every day, we are surrounded by gadgets, augmented reality systems, tablet computers that changed the way we communicated forever. We rely on our computer and cameras when we take pictures of our family. Nowadays it is extremely easy to take a picture, upload it to any place so your friends can see it. But then when our personal pictures are being distributed without our control it because of the virus in our PC, we install antivirus software. We want our personal information to be protected, thus we trust that our computer or phone with antivirus will protect us.

But then somebody breaks a password to our computer and again our information goes public. We create a strong password. Again we trust technology to keep us secure. Still we cannot be sure as new ways of hacking are invented everyday, and we cannot be sure that we are secure.

But let's take another look at a specific problem, or let's say, task of protecting your personal photos. If you take a picture, and put into your computer, then it means that picture is now a part of operating system file storage, e.g. a file. You, as user, really dont care how it is stored in your computer or phone, the only you care about is to actually see your picture. File format, file size, file properties doesnt matter, because at the end you just want to look at it and show it. But because it is a file in the operating system it can be copied. A "copy" operation is a key in preventing distribution of your personal information. So in general if we prevent copying we can keep our picture privacy under control. On the other hand, if you can't copy, you can't send it to your friends or family which is not we want.

And this is where Buypki TransCrypt Image is trying to help you. Together with PKI methods and certificates, you can make pictures and encrypt them for a circle of your friends or family. Thus your pictures are always encrypted and whoever by whatever means will copy the files, he/she wont be able to see them, he will see only thumbnail. And you can easily distribute any type of pictures to your friends without any hesitation that somebody would intercept them as it becomes useless - it is almost impossible to break this encryption.

However, as PKI has it's own implementation pitfalls like organization of Certificate Authority, buying certificates, installing certificates, and then installing specific software (like, TransCrypt Image) to handle photo encryption it becomes too painful for ordinary users to use it. What we want to achieve in here is to drag attention of major players to possibilities of PKI and it's great potential.

The most important part of PKI, however, is that our systems and computers are already enabled with support. Everything is done, what we miss is only more applications, more attention to this powerful world of digital certificates. We hope that we can help you here.