Certificate Installation Instructions for Windows

We have created a simple and important instruction about importing X.509 certificates to your own PC. This is one of the essential operations when you are preparing to use functionalities of PKI software.

The instructions contains explanations of how to import your own personal X.509 certificate from a .PFX file. PFX file is secure storage for private and public keys of your certificate. It is very important not to reveal to anybody your PFX file or password.
The other part of the instruction deals with importing your friends or colleague's certificates from a .CER file. CER file is usually send to you when you want to exchange secure information with this person. Importing his/her certificate means that you trust this person and data specified in certificate corresponds to actual person.

After importing your personal certificate and certificates of your friends you can start secure email exchange, encrypt and sign JPEG images, text using TransCrypt Image.