Live demonstration of Video File encryption

We have prepared a pre-alpha version of our SDK in order to show possibilities of encrypting media files using X.509 PKI certificates.

Here is the link to the video:

In this video we take two files - original and sample. And our target is to hide original video file from all users, except authorized ones. But we want this file to normal video file, that's why we replace original content with sample one. And only authorized user will original content.

In our example we generate restored file (which of course breaks all security, because original file is now unprotected) because media players dont support PKI and X.509 certificates and we need to run test on our SDKs. If media players had built-in PKI support then it would allow it to work with our SDK and decrypt the content "on-the-fly" showing it to authorized users, while unauthorized users will only see a sample.