pkiImage - Free image encryption software

pkiImage Free Edition is a first absolutely free image (.jpg, .png, .bmp and etc.) encryption software that is using X.509 certificates and can be integrated into PKI infrastructure. One of the main features is that pkiImage doesn't change image format, so your .jpg file stays .jpg, can be upload to sites like Flickr, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and etc.

Using this software you can:
- encrypt images for your friends and be sure that nobody except authorized users will see it
- decrypt images from your friends
- digitally sign images thus protecting your authorship of the image
- block export capabilities thus leaving only possibility for friends to view (and not to save) an image

This software operates only with X.509 certificates. You can find demo certificates in /certs folder. Please read Quick Start Guide to see how to run this software to verify it's functionality.

pkiImage and pkiNote are part of free tools available and you can download them from here:

Be sure to check video for starting pkiImage:

To fully test the potential software try the following recommendation:
To properly test this you need to set-up three Virtual machines:
VM#1-install Alice's .pfx,
VM#2 - install Bob's .pfx,
VM#3 - install Charlie .pfx.
And install all .cer files on all three Virtual Machines.

Thus you can emulate three computers and test image encryption/decryption process correctly.

All demo certificates are in /certs folder and password to PFX files is: test.