The future is PKI

Is there a future for PKI? Of course. The less forests we have, the more brighter is the future of PKI – this can seem a bad joke, but unfortunately this is sad truth. PKI allows to change paper documents for electronic ones, and thus significantly decrease paper use and save our forests.

But how will electronic documents look like? Even today every day you see those electronic documents, and those documents are the most significant part of email traffic. However, as documents are not digitally signed, so they are not protected. And if you ask yourself “why do I need to secure them as they are in my internal network”, then you should seriously consider this question now. It just means that so far you have never been a victim of hackers, and this moment will come soon if you don't anything about it.

So how can digital signature help? First of all, receiving a digitally signed electronic document, you also receive digital certificate of the person who signed this document. Thus you can check that you received the document from a person you expected to receive. Second and most important, if digital signature verification was successful, you can be 100% sure that the document you received was not changed or altered while traveling from sender. That means that information flow in your company becomes fully protected against alterations.